About Us

Our Objective


UsedHotelLocks.com is a step above the rest!  We are invested in the hospitality industry and especially small hotels that are looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade and maintain electronic door locks. 

We specialize in finding solutions for old and damaged locks, as well as offering special pricing on replacing parts and entire systems that could otherwise cost thousands of dollars.  

Our solution is simple; we offer refurbished systems and locks and test each one before shipping out; ensuring that we have 100% customer satisfaction. 

UsedHotelLocks.com knows the best way to provide the best customer satisfaction and ensure repeat business is to follow one simple motto:  We provide the Right Product, for the Right Application, Every Time, and Fast!


Our History

UsedHotelLocks.com was founded in 2004 and started its business by selling used hotel locks from hotels that were upgrading their existing locks to meet the ever-changing new brand standards that franchises must adhere to.   The locks we purchase were in perfect working condition but needed to be replaced due to a variety of reasons like upgrading systems, new brand standards, or just simple renovations.  We started buying, refurbishing, and selling these locks one hotel at a time, and within 5 short years, through word of mouth, hotels started noticing how much money can be saved by utilizing our services.  More importantly, these locks would have otherwise ended up in landfills instead of put to use of 100’s of hotels now.   UsedHotelLocks.com is proud to say that within 10 years of opening, due to hard work and perseverance, we are the number one used lock seller on eBay.  Satisfied customers who saved thousands of dollars were happy to spread the word. 

Finally, in 2019, we created our website (UsedHotelLocks.com) so we can reach and serve hoteliers within the United States and help them save money too.  Today, UsedHotelLocks.com is a true family business owned and operated by Neal Madhiwala and his wife Sheila.  The company continues to grow and expand its range of services as well as it’s hospitality portfolio by selling brand new DormaKaba locks as a distributer.   To further serve our clients, we also sell RFID keys through our sister site, JSKcards.com. 

We are proud to be a part of the Hospitality Industry and even more proud to serve the many clients that have come to rely on our service.   


Our Culture

At UsedHotelLocks.com, we started as hotel owners ourselves.  We lived through and understand the financial struggles of keeping up to date within the industry while keeping within set budgets.  We specialize in offering services that give more bang for the buck so that you can rely on us for all your lock needs.  We were in your shoes before, so we put ourselves in your shoes time and again so that we are consistently offering the best service available and in the most affordable way possible. 


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